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Terms & Conditions

Reception is open 0800-2000 daily. The camping day starts and ends at 1200. To allow for cleaning and checking, entry to budget bedrooms is from 1200, departure by 1000, and entry to Cottages and Shielings is from 1700, departure by 1000. Please make special arrangements if you wish to arrive or depart outwith these times.

Please note that cars go up to the Shieling field to pitch and pack, but are left in a car park nearby, to protect the grass and environment.

On arriving for accommodation, you will be asked for a refundable deposit, £40 for a Cottage, £25 for a Shieling, and £10 for a budget bedroom, ideally by cheque with bankers' card or credit card. Vacuums on request. Within 7 days of your leaving we return the deposit, less the cost of any loss or extra cleaning, either by tearing up your cheque, or through our terminal. Or recover your deposit yourself on the afternoon of your departure.

If you cancel accommodation, payments will be refunded, less £25, if it is re-let. If not, they will be retained. You are strongly advised to take out travel insurance to cover the risk of cancellation. If payments are late, the space may be re-let. We reserve the right to cancel any booking, provided we give 4 weeks written notice, and refund all money paid.

Use of the Cottage Lofts

We have been advised that our public liability policy does not cover the use of the loft for bedrooms.

We built the Shieling Cottage in 1985 and the Owners’ in 1989 in the Scottish vernacular. We followed the designs of Thomas Telford on the Caledonian Canal, and we think they look well in the landscape - Each offers on the ground floor a double bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room, and in the loft two bedrooms, the Owners’ two twins, and the Shieling a twin and a single.

We have used the Cottages like this for 30 years. Family and customers like their novelty, intimacy and charm. Our Risk Assessment addresses the fire risks, and we brief visitors on them on arrival and demonstrate and test the alarms and escapes.

We are now told that the lofts should only be used for storage and the use of a ladder for access is contrary to Building Regulations. Our insurance is conditional on compliance with statutory or local authority obligations, regulations, laws or bye-laws. Any use of the lofts is therefore at your own risk.

David and Moira Gracie, Shieling Holidays, Craignure, Isle of Mull PA65 6AY